We work with a wide range of clients, from private individuals and trusts to businesses operating as sole traders and as companies.

Our firm specialises in managing clients with significant share portfolios, older clients and complex trust arrangements.

For business clients, self-employed and sole traders we are able to provide bespoke accountancy support which can, depending on the client’s needs, include payroll, bookkeeping, invoicing, Corporation Tax, VAT, annual accounts and regulatory compliance.

Francis, the principal, believes in offering a personal service. In the first instance he meets with a prospective client to discuss their affairs and their needs before advising on what he considers to be the best way to proceed. If at this stage Francis considers that a different set of expertise is required, he will endeavour to put the prospective client in touch with the right specialist.

The vast majority of the clients Francis acts for have been referred to him by personal recommendation. This is something he is very proud of and wishes to maintain by continuing to provide high service levels and expert advice.